aviation: American football team helps out as porters on the Luton train

, aviation: American football team helps out as porters on the Luton train

London Luton Airport has teamed up with American football team London Blitz to take some of the stress out of passengers traveling on the rail link between London Central and the airport.

A much-needed holiday should be a time of relaxation and enjoyment, but new research from Luton Airport shows that for three in five (59%) holidaymakers, the journey to the airport can be a major source of stress. According to the London Luton Airport study, unexpected travel delays (48%) and carrying heavy luggage (26%) are among the top causes of stress. In fact, every guest (25%) even questioned booking a vacation when considering how much luggage they would need. And that’s not surprising given that British holidaymakers will be taking a whopping 921,795 tonnes of luggage abroad this summer.

On 10 June 2023, the airport will offer a free luggage transfer service for passengers boarding the new Luton Airport Express train from London St Pancras. The new 32-minute train service, which includes the new four-minute Dart shuttle service between Luton Parkway station and the airport terminal, makes the airport more accessible.

With two-fifths (41%) of Brits saying they would feel less stressed if someone carried their luggage to the airport, the American football team will be on hand to huddle together and do the heavy lifting to make it happen passengers can start their vacation even earlier.

For six in 10 (62%) holidaymakers, who admit they may have had arguments with loved ones over excess luggage, the news could be welcome relief because they know they’ll end up having to take it for themselves.

On average, UK holidaymakers need to take up to three items with them on their trip, from suitcases to prams. A third (33%) typically took how much they packed on their way to the airport. In fact, carrying luggage can be so overwhelming that one in eight (12%) admit it brought them to tears easily.

Clare Armstrong, Head of Guest Experience at London Luton Airport, said: « We know that carrying heavy suitcases and bags can make the start of a holiday seem like hard work. » And our research shows that luggage is one of the main reasons for discrepancies among Traveler is.” before embarking on their next adventure. That’s why we’ve teamed up with London Blitz to literally take the last load off holidaymakers’ shoulders this weekend. Our passengers can start their holiday as soon as they board the new Luton Airport Express to St Pancras in London. The service offers passengers an easy, friendly and hassle-free journey from the capital to London Luton Airport, giving them more time and energy to really enjoy the start of their holiday.”

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Author: Manuella LISET