aviation: Nikolsdorf: Pilot of tow plane died in crash

, aviation: Nikolsdorf: Pilot of tow plane died in crash


A serious accident occurred near the Nikolsdorf airfield (East Tyrol) on Sunday afternoon. A single-engine tow plane crashed and burned out completely. According to police, the 43-year-old pilot died.

The public prosecutor’s office has now started investigations against the occupants of the glider that was towed. Initial assumptions are that problems with the unpowered aircraft that was being towed may have contributed significantly to the crash.

The Robin DR400 tug is operated by a local flying club. A student pilot and his instructor noticed each other on board the glider. It is an Italian and an Austrian citizen. The purpose of the towing was that the glider was to get airborne for a training flight.

According to initial investigations, the glider began to roll at low altitude and the so-called hood was opened. As a result, the unpowered aircraft quickly gained altitude, but the towing aircraft tilted forward and crashed. It crashed in a meadow near the airfield. It then burned down completely, despite the intensive efforts of the fire brigade.

The public prosecutor has now commissioned an expert to determine the cause of the accident. In particular, it should be clarified whether or not the behavior of the occupants of the glider was largely responsible for the crash of the tug and subsequently for the death of the pilot. The Federal Safety Investigation Board was already on site at the scene of the accident and secured initial evidence for the aircraft accident investigation.

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