aviation: Schauinsland gave Sundair a new brand identity

, aviation: Schauinsland gave Sundair a new brand identity

The tour operator Schauinsland Reisen, which has held majority shares in the airlines Sundair and Fly Air 41 Airways since last year, is introducing a new corporate design for Sundair. From now on, the airline’s fleet will be gradually repainted, with the new design prominently showing the Schauinsland-reisen logo, a sun formed from two hands. The previous Sundair logo will be replaced by a combination with the Schauinsland Reisen logo to emphasize the togetherness of both companies.

The new design is already being used online and will be rolled out to stationery, crew uniforms and other corporate areas in the coming months. The first Airbus A320 will be repainted in Naples.

Marcos Rossello, Managing Director of Sundair, emphasized the importance of the new design as an expression of a shared, successful future and praised Schauinsland-Reisen as a strong partner on the tour operator market. Gerald Kassner, Managing Director of Schauinsland-Reisen, explained that the new design is intended to further sharpen Sundair’s brand core and strengthen the synergies between the two companies.

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Author: Manuella LISET