aviation: Tariff conflict at the airport: Norwegian will withdraw capacities from Copenhagen

, aviation: Tariff conflict at the airport: Norwegian will withdraw capacities from Copenhagen


Low-cost airline Norwegian Air Shuttle is considering removing some capacity from Copenhagen Kastrup Airport, angered by regular disruptions to operations, such as those caused by strikes. The carrier is in intensive talks with a number of smaller airports in the area, including Malmö.

Norwegian Air Shuttle believes in delays at Copenhagen Airport. According to the company, in April 2023 alone, an average of 15 minutes was caught and the causes would be the responsibility of air traffic control, the airport and ground service providers. But it didn’t stop with delays, because you also have to cancel numerous flights because, for example, there was a strike. The « tolerance level » now seems to have been reached for the Norwegian low-cost airline, as they are looking around for alternative airports.

It is not yet entirely clear whether Norwegian is ready to move away from Copenhagen Airport entirely or just move some of the capacity offered from that airport. In any case, it is believed that this measure is the only way to ensure that the 2023 summer timetable can be carried out largely without major delays and cancellations. The focus is on Malmö Airport in Sweden, which is not very far from Copenhagen. Alternatively, you can also look at the options in Aalborg and Billund, although this would not be a good solution for travelers to Copenhagen, as the two cities are a few hours’ drive from the Danish capital. Copenhagen-Roskilde would also be an alternative, at least in theory, but this is extremely unlikely as the runway is short and the infrastructure is not designed to handle Boeing 737s.

“We need to look at alternative airports that are close to Copenhagen Airport.” “I don’t know if that will be possible in the short term, but this conflict is a growing concern and that concern will increase as capacity increases increases in the summer,” said Norwegian Managing Director Geir Karlsen to Ritzau on the collective bargaining dispute in Copenhagen.

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