aviation: Tomorrowland: Buyers of packages with arrival receive Brussels “Green Fares”

, aviation: Tomorrowland: Buyers of packages with arrival receive Brussels “Green Fares”


In collaboration with Tomorrowland, only so-called “Green Fares” are now included in the party package flights to the world-famous Belgian festival. The additional income will be used to purchase SAF fuels.

In 2024, Tomorrowland’s world-famous party flights will be more sustainable. Brussels Airlines and Tomorrowland have partnered to use 100% sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) for all of these special flights. This can save up to 80% of CO2 emissions1. In addition, Green Fares are the standard flight ticket in the Global Journey package for the international festival visitors. Brussels Airlines is committed to entering into more partnerships of this kind to reduce its carbon footprint.

“The journey to a better world tomorrow begins with the steps we take today.” Together with Brussels Airlines we can unite festival goers from all over the world at Tomorrowland in Belgium. Now we work together to strengthen the power of collective action and create positive change for all, starting with ourselves. “The people of tomorrow can contribute to sustainability projects while reducing the environmental impact of their flights,” said Debby Wilmsen, Head of Media Relations and Internal Communications, Tomorrowland.

Brussels Airlines will be the festival’s official flight partner for the eleventh time next year. What’s new is that the Global Journey packages only include the Lufthansa Group’s so-called Green Fares at night. Buyers of these packages also have no choice as to whether they want to support this initiative or not.

On the special party flights, the two partners go rope night and step further. In addition to the Green Fare, Brussels Airlines and Tomorrowland contribute to the other 80% SAF and purchase 100% SAF for these flights. Lufthansa Group will purchase the equivalent of SAF for the fuel needed for these party flights. The SAF are distributed within the Lufthansa Group.

However, it is currently not technically possible for pure SAF to be used on flights. Therefore, this is only possible “purely mathematically”. The sister company Austrian Airlines has already burned its fingers with comparable advertising claims and lost in court due to allegations of misleading advertising.

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