aviation: With 32 years B737-400: 4 Airways receives AOC and operating license

, aviation: With 32 years B737-400: 4 Airways receives AOC and operating license


With 4 Airways, another provider of ACMI and charter flights is launching. The company was granted the AOC and operating license by the Civil Aviation Authority of Malta on March 27, 2024.

First you will take off with the Boeing 737-Classic, because the CAMO license was issued by TM-CAD for this series. The young air force is in Birkirkara, the largest municipality in the Republic of Malta. The official company name is “4 Airways Limited”. The entry in the commercial register was made in November 2023 and, according to available documents, the aviation law documents were issued by the Civil Aviation Authority of the Republic of Malta on March 27, 2024.

4 Airways does not currently have an IATA two-letter code. The ICAO designator is DAK and the radio call sign is Duck Airways. The first aircraft, the first aviation register, is the Boeing 737-400 with the registration 9H-FIT, which was delivered to Aero USA in 1992 and subsequently passed on to Air Berlin.

The first flight has history behind it, because Air Berlin was by no means the last operator. This Boeing 737-400 was used by Air Explore, Bremenfly, Albastar and Albawings, among others. 4 Airways is still extremely tight-lipped about how the fleet will develop and for whom it will provide charter and/or ACMI services.

It is now completely unusual in this business area to take off with an old aircraft. Compared to the NG series and the Max series, the Boeing 737 Classic series is considered to be extremely fuel-hungry and, due to its age, quite maintenance-intensive. The low purchase or leasing costs can have a complete “revenge” on the tanker or in the hangar. As long as you have these costs under control, operating older machines can be cheaper due to lower credit or leasing costs. The emphasis is on “can” because it depends on the overall calculation as well as external factors such as fuel purchase prices.

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